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Each client is a new puzzle to be solved, a new algorithm to crack, and the opportunity for a new case study! Read on to see why our clients trust us with their websites.

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Trust above all. Our average engagement lasts 2-3 years.

That means we are highly selective who we choose to work with. We aren’t the typical agency that will ‘be quiet and collect fees’ when it is not the right fit.

Enterprises come to us because they trust us to speak the truth.
Even if that means we lose the business.

Bowen has deep expertise in SEO and he keeps abreast of the developments in this field. This is important as SEO changes frequently and it pays to have an expert to look at this area of your business whereby you are unlikely to have the bandwidth to do it well. Also, he thinks from the business point-of-view and recommends suitable improvements to be made, rather than implementing templates that may not work due to the uniqueness of the business or the industry it is in.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Bowen on multiple website projects. He is definitely an SEO guru that knows the game. Besides, I also appreciate his project management skills, he’s very good at breaking down our needs into actionable pieces along with valuable advice, which makes it a breeze for us to make decisions. Not every SEO know how to manage projects, and not every website PM knows SEO. He is the one! I recommend him.

Bowen has been very responsive and detailed in his advice and guidance to us. Being a veteran in the SEO scene, he has contributed immensely to gaining traffic to our website and overall optimisation of the platform. Even though our content genre might be a little niche, he is still able to propel considerable traffic to our site. Highly responsible and helpful, really glad to have engaged his help! 10 out of 5 stars for him!

Bowen helped us identified low hanging keywords to focus on so we can generate more traffic from it. Easy to work with and has a wide depth of expertise when it comes to SEO.

Bowen is fantastic to work with! I'm truly amazed by his audit skills and tremendous experience in SEO. He's helped me work on my Amazon Affiliate Site and get it fully recovered from the Algorithmic penalty on the start of 2020. If you are looking to achieve higher rankings or get your site recovered from any Google penalty, Bowen will be your go-to guy for that kind of thing!

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