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"I was most impressed with their dedication and commitment to us; they never fell short of the promised results."

Alvin Ho

CEO, FiTivate
"Fractal has deep expertise in SEO and they are a true problem solver. I strongly recommend them to anyone seeking to rank on Google search"

Alvin Chow

CEO, Dr Wealth

Are we a fit?

You will love collaborating with Fractal Digital if…

You’d focus on long-term sustainable results.

Viewing SEO as a long-term organic growth acquisition for your business as opposed to paid marketing activities that are expected to produce results once is running.

SEO is a marketing investment on organic lead generation and brand awareness. Unlike paid Ads. it doesn’t stop producing value just because we stop spending. Hence, they are a marketing investment rather expenses.

You’d trust our SEO expertise and judgement.

We consult, discuss, take feedback - and ultimately form our judgement what is the best course of action to deliver strong SEO results backed by solid evidence.

You’d love to collaborate, not micromanage.

Our most successful clients love to plan and strategise together, openly share feedback—and then give us the space to execute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee any results?

No, because nobody can. To de-risk our clients, we offer certain money guarantee within certain period depending on the engagement.

What kind of budget do you need to work with?

At least US $3,000 a month. That’s a miminum we are able to allocate our team resources to create results. Generally, the more you have to work with, the faster and more resources we got for you. On average, our clients pay us US $6,000 - $10,000 a month excluding content and link expenses.

The actual investment depends on your business, complexity and goals. Reach out to us and we will point you to the right direction!

How long are your contracts?

Suddenly stopping and starting work doesn’t make for serious progress. SEO takes time to show results.

Once it starts, ROI tends to snowball and generating compounding results that other marketing activities can’t.

We do a 12-month agreement so that we don’t just go after the quick-wins, but also the big wins.

Who create content?

We work best with companies who already have an editorial team in place as such we will  provide content briefs and review the articles to ensure they are optimised for SEO.

In our experience, it is so much easier to create SEO results with good content than trying to force results out of poor content. For companies who don’t have an editorial team. We can help in hiring, training and managing remote writers. We have hired more than 100 freelance writers over the past few years - we know the process at the back of our palm - furthermore, we run a portfolio of SEO-based content websites with over 30 active writers.

We don’t believe in generic in-house writers that rehash what are already out there. Such content add no value to searchers and can easily be created at zero cost with recent AI tools like Chat-GPT.

We only work with writers who have specialised knowledge or background, and can create engaging content. That means we tap into the global talent pool of writers, instead of limiting ourselves to local talents.

Do you do link building or sell blog posts?

Yes, we do. However, do note that we do not sell link or blog posts as we aren’t a link building or content agency.

There are better agencies out there who can do that for you.We are an SEO consultancy which means we focus on strategy, and outcome that drive business results, rather than meeting monthly deliverables.

The only reason we provide content and link building mangement is because strong implementation is half battle won.